MIGS: Meta Image Generation from Scene Graphs

Accepted at BMVC 2021

Azade Farshad *     Sabrina Musatian *    Helisa Dhamo     Nassir Navab    

Technical University of Munich     Johns Hopkins University    

* The first two authors contributed equally.

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Generation of images from scene graphs is a promising direction towards explicit scene generation and manipulation. However, the images generated from the scene graphs lack quality, which in part comes due to high difficulty and diversity in the data. We propose MIGS (Meta Image Generation from Scene Graphs), a meta-learning based approach for few-shot image generation from graphs that enables adapting the model to different scenes and increases the image quality by training on diverse sets of tasks. By sampling the data in a task-driven fashion, we train the generator using meta-learning on different sets of tasks that are categorized based on the scene attributes. Our results show that using this meta-learning approach for the generation of images from scene graphs achieves state-of-the-art performance in terms of image quality and capturing the semantic relationships in the scene.


  • A novel meta-learning approach for the generation of images from scene graphs, which achieves state-of-the-art results compared to previous work
  • Introduction of the few-shot learning problem for scene graph to image generation
  • A novel task sampling method for scenes in the wild that can benefit other image generation with meta-learning scenarios.


British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) 2021
Paper PDF | arXiv
	    title={MIGS: Meta Image Generation from Scene Graphs},
	    author={Farshad, Azade and Musatian, Sabrina and Dhamo, Helisa and Navab, Nassir},

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The pretrained model checkpoint are available at: Checkpoints

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Sabrina Musatian

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Nassir Navab


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